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Israel Diary: Hyper-Alert Security Guards, Hyper-Creative Tech Geeks, and an Upcoming Interview with President Peres

Hi Arianna,

It was a pleasure meeting and listening to you at GarageGeeks.

It always amuses me no end that Yossi Vardi chooses a dilapidated garage in the middle of nowhere as the venue for his esteemed guests' presentations.

I think it's a marvelous venue because it creates a wonderful freshness that is beneficial to everyone involved as it pulls the plug on any possibility for the silly posturing that all too often accompanies these types of occasions.

At Garagegeeks we are all on level ground which is, in a word, FUN : )

BTW I have some nice photos of you and Yossi from the evening (all licensed as CC):


Cheers and enjoy the rest of your visit here in Israel

: )

Mike Darnell

Project Manager

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@jaspertandy - thx for all your help. I'll DM you what i think regarding the screenshot you sent @headup : )


Woohoo "Se termino la sopa" - (thx to Adrian)

http://ping.fm/YPD3Z - these things amuse me

@YaelBeeri keep a 4 inch nail handy in your purse - it's a wonderful educational tool.

RT: @misscj "How does branding affect the overall user eval. of results retrieved by Web searching systems? http://cli.gs/d9TBTu" - stunning!

Check out http://www.evri.com - very cool semantic search... @chrsbarrws : )


http://tr.im/6qx8 - great aerial photography here

RT @headup - "A programmers insight into Silverlight" - http://tr.im/6n2w


my mind is in the mush mode.


http://ping.fm/47sKM - looks cool in a Make-the-magic-happen kinda way : )

New comment on RRW's "Semantic Web Wish List 2009" - http://tr.im/36j1

good morning all, Start the day with a Smile "Idiot & the Scorpion" - http://tr.im/360x : ) from @tbonepearson


A while back I promised I'd reveal my new day job - time to make good on that promise - http://tr.im/2mul


Art is everywhere - These were taken a block from my home - http://tr.im/227n http://tr.im/227q http://tr.im/227r

"The Artist As Troublemaker" http://tr.im/21yi - YES and thank God for that : )

"Whose voice is this anyway?" - Maarav publishes a call for entries - http://tr.im/21j9

DJ Darren Price set download - Minimal Techno http://tr.im/21is - enjoy...

God - the DJ... http://tr.im/21io

Call for entries for the International Guerrilla Video Festival Dublin 2009 - http://tr.im/21i4


My kids won't believe me when I tell that back in the day you had to go to the post office to pay your bills. Hell, I don't believe it now!

Soon it's time for me to head to Jerusalem...


Robert Mack at L.A. Center for Digital Art http://tr.im/1wjl

The Gallery@404B presents Andrew Thompson & Thomas Petillo - http://tr.im/1wj8